La Embajadora


Gladys Marithza Ruiz de Vielman


Ambassador Ruiz de Vielman has acted as Special Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala since 1996 on a number of issues. As member of the Belize Commission, she is involved in the preparatory work to file Guatemala ́s complaint before the International Court of Justice, when all requirements have been met.

In 2003, she participated in the drafting and negotiations between Guatemala and the Organization of the United Nations to establish an International Commission to investigate violations of Human Rights as provided in Guatemala ́s Peace Accords (CICIACS which preceded CICIG). She ran as Vice-presidential candidate in the political campaign of Mr. Eduardo Suger in 2003.

In 2000 to 2003, Madame Ruiz de Vielman served as Ambassador of Guatemala to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She was also Permanent Representative to the International Coffee Organization, the International Sugar Organization and the International Maritime Organization. She was elected President of the Administrative Committee of the International Sugar Organization.

In 1994 and 1995, Ambassador Ruiz de Vielman served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala and represented the government on different boards and forae.

Prior to her appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs, she participated as Guatemala ́s negotiator in the Uruguay Round to establish the World Trade Organization.

Before joining the public sector and at present, Ambassador Ruiz de Vielman has practiced law as an independent litigator, in Civil, Constitutional and Trade Law cases. She advised the government on International Trade Law, represented the private and public sector of Guatemala in different disputes and arbitrations, to mention a few: complaints before GATT concerning the access of bananas to the European Union (bananas I and II), and access of Guatemalan tobacco to the United States of America. Likewise, Ambassador Vielman represented the governments of Guatemala and Honduras on a third banana complaint (bananas III) which was filed before the World Trade Organization (WTO) jointly with the United States of America, and several other Latin-American countries. Also participated as National Expert on Guatemala ́s Domestic Law, before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ICSID, in a CAFTA case filed by Railroad Development Corporation.

For over 10 years, Madame Ruiz de Vielman, served as Civil Law Professor at Universidad Rafael Landivar; in 2002, taught one semester at London School of Economics “Foreign Trade Issues to be Advanced by Developing Countries”; taught several seminars to Latin American and Caribbean negotiators on the dispute settlement system of the WTO; and presented the banana dispute to a special session of the DC American Bar Association.

Ambassador Ruiz de Vielman was born and raised in Guatemala. She completed her high school education as an exchange student in Our Lady of Mercy High School in Detroit, Michigan. She earned her degree as Attorney at Law and Public Notary and B.A. on Social and Legal Sciences from the University Rafael Landivar of Guatemala in 1973. Ambassador Ruiz de Vielman is a carrier Diplomat with the rank of Ambassador.